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Most exhibition organizers in India are using multiple methods to promote their exhibition. The success of an exhibition is usually related directly to the number of people attending the exhibition, enquiries, leads and orders received. If a exhibitor will be guaranteed leads, sales and orders, they will be willing to pay a premium for a stall at the exhibition
Some of these methods are
1.Newspaper advertising including brochures and fliers
2.Outdoor advertising on buses, billboards and public places
3.Magazine advertising'
4. Emailers
5. Online listing websites
For a consumer exhibition the exhibitor will be more interested in sales, while the aim of a trade show or B2B exhibition will generate leads and orders from trade visitors

The following details are provided in the advertisement
Exhibition date
Exhibition venue
Exhibition timings
Products which will be exhibited
Entry fee if any
Number of visitors expected
Visitor profile
Number of exhibitors
Stall sizes
Rate for stalls
Facilities for exhibitors
Promotion of exhibition/trade fair online and offline

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